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Serverless Angular 2 – Bootstrap 4 Web App Template Starter with Membership (Miscellaneous)

Serverless Angular 2 – Bootstrap 4 Web App Template with Cloud Membership Module

This is a professionally built web serverless application template with a super-modular architecture. Easily add/remove modules to quickly create a modern, cutting-edge application.

We have included a bunch of modules to get you started. Don’t forget to Check out the demo!!


  • FULLY FUNCTIONAL cloud-based membership module including Sign In, Sign Up, Password Recovery, Email Verification and more.
  • Charts Module – Angular 2 implementation of Charts.js
  • Awesome highly flexible Angular 2 Calendar Module
  • Amazing Angular 2 Countdown Module
  • Smooth Angular E-Signature Module
  • Angular 2 HTML5 Video Player Module
  • Angular 2 Image Cropping Module
  • Angular 2 Infinite Scrolling Module
  • Angular 2 implementation of Desandro Masonry Module
  • Angular 2 Sortable Module
  • Bonus! Angular 2 News Aggregator Module
  • Bonus! Angular 2 Spotify Module
  • Do you know Bootstrap? Then you can completely redesign every aspect of the application.
  • Premium Modules are on the way!!